Hair Salon Technical Services

Wade Gordon Salon offers the most professional technical salon services at affordable prices. Get the most value for your money with one of our advanced colors or textures.

Salon Hair Color

Hair Salon Services & Prices

Toner – starting at $11

Toner neutralizes unwanted tones in the hair. This is a great service to revitalize those tones and make your hair color last even longer.

Gloss – starting at $25

Gloss accents the hair with a tint that is revealed through reflections of light. This is a great option if you’re looking to add something a little more subtle to your hairstyles.

Tint Retouch – starting at $45

Retouch your hair and help your color last longer with Wade Gordon Salon’s Tint Retouch service.

Balayage – starting at $80

‘Balayage’, meaning ‘sweep’ or ‘paint’ in French,  is a freehand technique that gives hair the softer, sun kissed glow that is subtle and sophisticated.

Ombre – starting at $100

‘Ombre’ means “shadow” in French and is characterized by darker roots that fade into lighter colors at the ends. It is classic, low maintenance, and definitively stylish.

Demi Texture – starting at $80

If you aren’t looking for such a tightly curled look, our Demi Texture service can add body and a natural looking wave.

Spiral Perm – starting at $100

Our spiral perm will add a beautiful, textured curl to your hair that will increase your volume and save you time and effort in the morning.

Highlights Services – starting at $45

Achieve your desired look with our professional highlighting services. We have extensive experience in: T-Section Highlights, Tint & T-Section Highlights, Partial Highlights, Tint & Partial Highlights, Full Highlights, Tint & Full Highlights and Olaplex. See prices now >>

Experience Wade Gordon Salon

Wade Gordon Salon is an experience. We care about our clients and strive to give you a professional look at a reasonable price. Feel like a new person with the level of professionalism and quality of the technique at Wade Gordon Salon.

Our stylists have a background in international techniques that incorporate the latest trends and classic looks in fashion. Let us give you the experience you deserve.